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Remediation for Lakes and Ponds - Biological Nutrient Removal

Poor water quality is often the result of an overload of organic matter - leaves, decaying vegetation, animal droppings, and excess phosphorous and nitrogen from man's activities. This buildup serves as a food supply for algae, blue-green algae, anaerobic bacteria and certain weeds. CW55 pond clarifier creates clean pond and lake-water through a natural process of biological nutrient uptake. See Here for more information.

CW55 Clarifier Benefits :

bulletDramatically improved water clarity
bulletReduced sludge and organic sediment
bulletReduction of algae, blanket weed and duck weed
bulletHelps eliminate foul odours
bulletEnhanced conditions for aquatic life
bulletEffective in maintaining better pond and lake water quality
bulletIt contains no toxic chemical ingredients
bulletBrings pond water back into ecological equilibrium
bulletDigests excess organic matter in ponds, lakes, canals and fountains
bulletIs an organic alternative to harmful or chemical quick fixes

The owners of this pond had tried many different products with no success. See firstly the extent of the problem and how CW55 improved conditions in six weeks.

Small Pond Prior to Treatment Small Pond Prior to Treatment 

  Small Pond Prior to Treatment

Small Pond 6 Weeks AfterTreatment Small Pond 6 Weeks AfterTreatment

 Six Weeks Later

What is CW55 Clarifier

It is a concentrated material comprised of dormant, living beneficial bacteria and stimulants.

There are literally millions of different naturally occurring microbes in our world. CW55 clarifier contains specially selected microbes and enzymes that perform highly specific and beneficial tasks.

This natural microbial product contains select facultative bacteria capable of biodegrading cellulose, lignin, hydrocarbons and other organic pollutants in aqueous environments. When the excess organic load is removed, the result is the elimination of algae growth, reduced organic sediment and suspended particulate matter, reduced foul odours and naturally clear water.

How does CW55 Pond Clarifier work?
CW55 clarifier creates clean pond and lake water through a natural biological process. It is a concentration of selected naturally occurring microbes and stimulants which act to bring pond water back into ecological equilibrium. 

You will see cleaner, clearer water based on a healthy and naturally balanced pond ecosystem. The result is reduced organic sediment and particulates in ponds, reduced sludge, enhanced conditions for aquatic life, and clearer, cleaner water. CW55 clarifier works best at temperatures from 50 to 100 degrees F, and is especially effective when used in conjunction with mechanical aeration devices. Used as directed you will typically see clearer water in two to four weeks.

What is different about CW55 Clarifier?
In many cases, copper sulphate is used as a quick remedy for unbalanced and out of balance pond water conditions. It does produce a fast result, but the results are temporary as the copper sulphate does not address the initial problem of nutrient overload. Algae will bounce back in a few days and we have left highly toxic copper in the environment.

Compared to chemical treatments, CW55 clarifier is a better choice for a number of reasons:

bulletCompletely non-toxic to plants, animals, aquatic life and people.
bullet No harmful residual effects.
bulletCompletely and naturally biodegradable.
bullet Long-term effect.
bulletNo applicator license required.
Natural, microbial based products containing 5 billion per gram of bacteria capable of biodegrading cellulose, lignin, hydrocarbon and other organic pollutants in pond and lake water to reduce algae, Cyanobacteria ( blue-green algae), scum, sludge and odour.

There are a few limitations: Bacteria cannot degrade dirt, rock, sand or other inorganic substances. They cannot thrive in fluctuating extremes of temperature and pH or when high levels of metals or biocides are present.

It is also recommended to provide adequate mechanical aeration to support the establishment of the microbial populations. Surface aeration is helpful although we recommend bottom aeration utilizing a diffused air system.


Adding CW55 couldn't be easier: It is available as either a free flowing powder, or for greater convenience, in 250g water-soluble packets. Simply add CW55 Clarifier by sprinkling it over the surface or throwing pouches in.Water Soluble Pouch of CW55

Application Rate:

Days 1 to 6: 1kg/450m2 per day

Maintenance: 1kg/9000m2 every 2 weeks

To purchase CW55 Clarifier and for further information, Contact Us Today


Some further photographs to show how CW55 Clarifier has improved UK waters

This pond was clogged with algae and weeds making it an eyesore. The ducks had moved out and help was needed.

Pond Before Treatment Pond 2 Weeks Into Treatment

The picture on the left shows the extent of the problem. The second was taken two weeks into treatment and shows the algae breaking up and sub-surface material breaking away and decaying.

Pond 4 Weeks Into Treatment Pond 6 Weeks Into Treatment

The first picture was taken four weeks into treatment and the second was after six weeks. Clear water was evident and - The ducks moved back in shortly after!

A Further Success is Shown Below:

This ornamental pond had suffered pollution from ducks and rotting food. The water was cloudy and covered with  scum

Ornamental Pond Before Treatment Ornamental Pond Before Treatment

Before - Cloudy, Murky Water and Scum

Ornamental Pond After Treatment Ornamental Pond After Treatment

Six Weeks Later - Clear Water, No Scum and Clean Walls


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