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Reliable and Responsible Chemical Supplies

Our service is designed to accommodate you and your process requirements. We supply products in bulk road tanker quantities, right down to 25 litre containers and can advise on the most economical route of supply. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Products Supplied:

Aluminium Sulphate (8% and 17%) Ferrous Chloride Sodium Carbonate Light (bulk and bags)
Aluminium Chloride (11%) Ferrous Sulphate Sodium Hydroxide (47, 32 and 25%)
Ammonia Solution Hydrochloric Acid Sodium Hypochlorite
Benzalkonium Chloride (50%, 80%) Hydrogen Peroxide Sodium Metabisulphite
Calcium Chloride Liquid Lime Sodium Nitrate
Calcium Hydroxide (Lime) Magnesium Chloride Sodium Nitrite
Calcium Nitrate Manganese Sulphate Sodium Silicate
Calcium Oxide (Quicklime) Phosphoric Acid Sodium Sulphide Flakes
Caustic Soda Flakes Polyaluminium Chloride (PAC) (8 - 18%) Sodium Sulphite
Citric Acid Potassium Permanganate Sulphuric Acid (96 and 98%)
Ferric Chloride Sodium Bicarbonate (fine, standard, and coarse grade) Tartaric Acid
Ferric Sulphate Sodium Carbonate Dense (bulk and bags)

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