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Wastewater Engineering

Small Coagulation/Flocculation SystemEffective treatment of effluent is achieved by careful selection of chemical/biological treatments coupled to a treatment system capable of doing things right. Oasis provide a complete solution, from initial surveys to construction and installation of equipment.

We are not tied to one particular type of treatment technology and we design and build our own systems based on the practical evidence. It is important to build a relationship and work closely with our customers to ensure that each step of the process is fully understood.                                                    

Dosing Pump Panel

Dissolved Air Flotation, Clarifiers, Filter Presses, Biological Reactors, Reed Beds are commonly used, catering for a majority of effluent types. 

If you already have a system and are looking to outsource its running and maintenance, contact us to informally discuss our service packages. Trained engineers are ready to take on day-to-day running and ensure that the system is operating to consent and as efficiently as possible.


Nerv Bio Reactor

Small Clarifier for Chrome Removal








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