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Bacterial Products

Filter Beds

Nature's Own Biological Powerhouse

Effluent Treatment is often most successful when working alongside nature. Bacteria adapt and flourish to accommodate new sources of food, quietly following our very own manufacturing and lifestyle changes. Our carefully blended range of bacterial concentrates means that a wide range of wastes and treatment processes are catered for. Please browse the table below, or Contact Us for advice.

Fats Oils and Grease (FOG), COD/BOD, Surfactants, Hydrocarbon Oils, Ammonia, Phenols, Chlorinated Compounds and other Complex Organics Removed From Waste Streams. Foaming, Odour and Settlement Problems Solved.

Bacterial Products Supplied:


Powder Concentrate for Rapid Grease Removal From Pipelines, Fat Traps and Treatment Plants


Liquid Concentrate for Grease Removal From Pipelines and Fat Traps. Easily Dosed via Automatic Feeders


Multi-Strain Concentrate With Nutrients for Effluent Treatment Systems/Leachates


Septic Tank Maintenance. Easy to Use to Prevent Odours, Frequent Pump-Outs and Backing-Up. Prolongs the Life of The Drainfield.


Pond and Lake Clarifier - Biological Nutrient Removal Reduces Algae Problems. Reduces Sludge in Lakes and Ponds


Surfactant and Chemical Waste Treatment Bacteria. Actively Consumes Phenols and Other Aromatics


Tackles Chlorinated Organics and Aromatics


Fast Acting Nitrifying Bacteria. Contains Both Nitrobacter and Nitrosomonas. For Ammonia Reduction and Quick Start-Up After "Wipe-Out" of Nitrifiers


Start-up and Maintenance of Dairy Waste Treatment Systems


Formulated to be Effective in Fixed Film Systems e.g. Trickling Filters and RBC's


Specifically Formulated to be Highly Effective in Wine, Vegetable and Fruit Waste Treatment Plants.


Specially Cultured for Fast Action in Municipal Treatment Systems. Contains Protease, Cellulase and Lipase Species


Developed for Use in Refineries. Effective for Hydrocarbon Oils, Petrochemicals

All bacterial products are produced to ISO 9002 standards. 

All bacterial concentrates are all grown and acclimatised from natural strains. No genetically engineered species are used, simply highly efficient organic powerhouses that have evolved naturally over time. When used as directed, our products are completely harmless to the environment and the people who use them and cannot be beaten for ease of use, cost and quality.


No need to get messy - All powder products are sealed in 250g water-soluble packets, supplied in 10kg and 25kg packs. Free flowing material is available for screw-feeders.*OE42 is supplied in 25g water soluble packets.                        Water Soluble Bacteria Packet                                 

All products are produced to ISO 9002 specifications and are guaranteed to contain no pathogenic species - Only naturally occurring soil bacteria are cultivated.

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