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 Chemical Treatment of Wastewater

Oasis Environmental are leaders in chemical treatment of wastewater. We supply consultancy, site surveys and recommendation for optimising treatment systems. We deliver on our recommendations and are reliable, competitive suppliers of bulk and small-lot Process Chemicals throughout the UK.

Coagulation / Flocculation of wastewater is a highly effective and commonly used process to remove COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), Metals, and Suspended Solids. Chemical processes are also used to remove Ammonia, and other Toxic Pollutants e.g. cyanides. Organics, pesticides, herbicides and other difficult "nasties" can be removed by Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP's).

Jar TestCoagulation and flocculation are really quite easy in essence but don't mistake, it is a fine art to fully optimise the processes. We find that effluent treatment systems often under-perform because the treatment chemistry has not been revised in line with the effluent it is receiving. It is here that we have the experience to optimise the process or recommend alternative treatment materials.

Given our rounded background, we are able to improve effluent treatment from a diverse range of industries - Food processing, landfill leachate, metal finishing, drum reconditioning, dyestuff manufacture to name some of the industry types we have helped.

Ferric Sulphate, Aluminium Sulphate,  PAC etc are our basic workers...

Recently developed high charge amine, iron and aluminium products are available and show benefits in:


Reduced Coagulant Consumption


Reduced Sludge


Reduced Consumption of Alkalinity, (Less pH Correction)


Reduced Treatment Cost


Wide Tolerance to Variable Loads

Following initial site tests, we support our site trials to ensure that treatment materials are performing effectively.

Final Discharge From Meat Processing Plant

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